« Pegase Croissance » - Scale-Up Accelerator 


Created in 2013 by the Pegase aerospace competitiveness cluster, now SAFE Cluster, to accelerate and amplify the growth of high potential innovative SME's evolving within and around the aerospace & security ecosystem.


Our business acceleration relies on 4 key principles:

  • Intensity / exhaustivity:
    we act exhaustively on all key strategic, structural, and operational aspects of the enterprise;
     the typical budget for an enterprise acceleration program is within 100 to 500 k€.
  • Duration:
    the support is provided for 2 to 3 years in order to accompany the evolution and structuration of the enterprise;
  • Risk Sharing/Win-Win business model:
    costs of support are shared with the enterprise; when successful the enterprise will pay a bonus based on turn-over and/or profits growth over the following years.
  • Expertise based support :
    with the added value of the cluster experts in the aerospace & security sectors

Our main targets are innovative SME's with existing sales records on niche technology markets, they are typically at the onset of a strong potential growth through markets diversification, to be supported with internal structuration, processes implementation, and ambitious marketing & sales international development.


We rely on experts from all sectors of expertise (strategy, finance, management, R&D, industrial processes, sales & marketing, legal, HR, ....); All experts are selected through a qualification process; they are intended to be on a long term partnership with us and are associated to the risk sharing/win-win business-model.


Currently Pegase Croissance has engaged a 6 M€ budget for supporting a portfolio of more than 40 entreprises in their growth endeavors.



Pegase Croissance receives the support of the "Investments for the Future" French Government Program, and
of the "Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur" Region.



Do you want to contribute to our business accelerator actions worldwide ? contact us !


For supporting the international business development of our portfolio entreprises we are  building an international network of independent professionals or organizations in the aerospace - security and related High-Tech sectors, in order to provide, on a case by case basis, marketing, lobbying and business development support.